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What Are FLEXIBLE Circuit Boards?

     Solid circuit boards (known as “rigid”) have been with us for a long time and work well in most applications. However, modern CAD design has required circuit boards to adapt to more complex contoured shapes. Using CAD design software and modern manufacturing...

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Benefits Of a Circuit Board Plaque

     Imagine you are the IT Director at a small software company. You are retiring after working there for 22 long years. You have been told you would be receiving a plaque as a commemoration of your hard work and dedication during a company-wide celebration lunch on...

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Why The Fascination With Circuit Boards?

     What is it about a circuit board that is so fascinating to techies, geeks, and engineers?        In the world of modern technology, virtually everything has a circuit board in it. Light bulbs, toys, robots, phones… the list is long. Since so many different...

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