Did you know 82% of employees wished they received more recognition? That’s a LOT! So why don’t we recognize the accomplishments of our employees more often? There are several reasons.

     People don’t know how to provide employee recognition effectively, so they end up having bad experiences. They also assume one size fits all when they provide employee recognition. Also, employers don’t know or understand what people will find rewarding and what constitutes true recognition. Some may feel satisfied with a heartfelt verbal ‘thank you’ and a handshake while others feel they deserve a parade and gold statue of themselves in the lobby.

     People who feel appreciated end up experiencing more self-worth and their ability to contribute to the company increases as a result. If your organization doesn’t prioritize employee recognition, you’re missing out on a big boost to your bottom line. In fact, companies that practice recognition are more likely to improve stock prices and employee performance.

     There may not be any aspect of the employee experience more impactful than engagement, and recognition is the fastest way to an engaged workforce. Doubling the number of recognitions in an organization leads to an increase in employee engagement. And according to Achievers.com, organizations with highly-rated cultures of recognition are more than twice as likely to see improved employee engagement.


     Frequent recognition makes the impact even greater. The Achievers Workforce Institute found that half of employees recognized within the past week were very engaged. This dropped to less than a third for employees recognized in the last month and only 16% for those recognized more than a year ago.


     When employees know they’re appreciated, it shows in their work: 90% say that recognition motivates them to give more effort. Both employee productivity and performance are 14% higher in organizations that actively practice recognition. (Caitlyn Nobes, engage)

     Employees’ productivity is boosted even further when they’re recognized for specific actions that contribute to the organization’s success. It’s true that what gets recognized gets repeated. Almost all employees (92%) say that they’re more likely to repeat actions they receive recognition for!


     So how can you ensure your employees feel appreciated at the level they’re happy with?

  • Include everyone. The more team members who actively show recognition, the greater the impact. Most employees value recognition from leaders above their direct supervisor the most.
  • Making a recognition announcement is an excellent way to amplify its effect. This can be achieved through a team or company meeting or an announcement in the company newsletter. However, personal and public recognition in front of the employee’s peers is the most effective way to show recognition.
  • Make recognition permanent. People tend to forget the details behind why they were recognized or rewarded over time. By presenting employees with a plaque or certificate detailing the reason why they were recognized, they can look back months or even years later and regain pride in their accomplishments. This could renew their dedication to the company or give them reason to increase their value by doing more in order to be recognized again.

     Chelsie Guyon, Senior HR Representative for a Southeast commercial real estate company says, “Employees definitely have a need for recognition whether it’s a work accomplishment, tenure, or an upcoming retirement. It has more meaning to the employee when they receive something tangible and good quality versus simply being mentioned in a department email or meeting. Many times, having something displayed that is clearly for recognition is felt to be more valuable than a gift certificate or small bonus. The presentation of the award should also be in the presence of others and made special, not absentmindedly tacked on to the end of a meeting. Making the employee feel valued by their team, supervisors and executives is the goal. It increases loyalty and commitment to whatever their work product is. Employees want to know they’re doing a good job and they want others to know it, too.”

     At Signature Circuitry, our goal is to assist you in creating those lasting memories of recognition by helping to customize a one-of-a-kind plaque to present in a way that conveys your deepest sentiment perfectly for those one-of-a-kind employees who deserve it!

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