Imagine you are the IT Director at a small software company. You are retiring after working there for 22 long years. You have been told you would be receiving a plaque as a commemoration of your hard work and dedication during a company-wide celebration lunch on your last day. Wonderful! But what if that plaque turned out to be a real, authentic circuit board, just like the thousands of circuit boards you had worked with during your tenure there? But even more, this circuit board had your name, retirement date, and sentiments from your managers etched into it. After wondering how something like this was even possible, you would feel like they had taken the time to give you something truly unique, which makes your time with the company even more meaningful knowing they cared enough about you to think outside the box.


      The first plaque was unveiled in 1867 to commemorate Lord Byron at his birthplace in London. Since then, they have been given for many reasons and occasions and people always appreciate receiving them. But truth be told, they have become dated. The awards and plaque industries haven’t changed much at all since their inception. Most of the fonts are the same fonts that have been used for decades. The trophy toppers are the same ones your grandfather received when he played first base in Junior High baseball. It’s time for a change in the types of awards that are given and received to reflect modern times.


     Here at Signature Circuitry, we are changing the norm. Circuit board plaques and signs are something brand new and totally different. We cater to techies no matter what industry they’re in or where their interests lie. If they enjoy technology, they will love a customized circuit board. Techies can be computer scientists, software developers, iPhone enthusiasts, gamers, programmers… the list goes on and on! If you think about it, most of us use digital devices almost constantly. Even that coffee maker you visit in the break room every couple of hours has circuit boards inside.


     So what is so different about circuit board plaques compared to traditional plaques?


  • Nowhere else can you get a plaque made from a real circuit board. Nowhere.
  • Circuit boards are manufactured to extremely high standards. After all, they’re used in highly sensitive and reliable items like heart monitors and missiles.
  • A typical plaque store offers a few different fonts, symbols, and maybe a company logo. With a fully customizable circuit board, virtually anything can be designed onto it including clipart, Google fonts, drawings, and complex logos or vector art.


     With all of the unique benefits to giving circuit board plaques or signs as awards or gifts, we hope you choose Signature Circuitry when the opportunity comes to recognize those who are deserving of something as unique as they are!

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