online designer FAQ’s

What if my design isn't aligned perfectly?

No worries! We just need a representation of what you want. We will reproduce your design by hand so that it can be recognized by our software so don’t worry if something is a little “off”, we will make it perfect for you!

How do I save my design?

Click “Save to MyDesigns” at the top and click on the “+” square. Done! You can also rename them by clicking on the name under each design.

Can I change orientation after I've started designing?

Yes BUT you will need to click “Save to MyDesigns” at the top of the page before you leave or all of your work will be lost. Once you change the orientation in the store, go into the Designs menu and select the design you saved.

Do I have to use a pre-made template or can I start designing from scratch?

Yes, you can start from scratch. Just choose the appropriate “Blank” template and delete the word “Blank”. Now you have a blank canvas to work with!

Can I add text or images outside the center rectangle?

Sorry, all content needs to stay within the center rectangular area.

Can you use a different font that isn't listed?

Yes! Send us an EMAIL and let us know which font you would like to use and we will add it. You can choose from any of the 1,029 Google fonts listed HERE. If you have a custom font, please EMAIL it to us. We can usually accommodate most custom fonts.

Can I get a proof of my design before you make it?

Yes, just EMAIL us and let us know you would like a proof. However, please understand this may extend the delivery date by an additional business day.

Can I create my design in PowerPoint?

Yes! Just save your file as a JPG and upload it as an image in our online designer. Or you can email it to us and we’ll convert it for you.

How do I add an image to my design?

Choose the “IMAGES” tab on the left and either browse to your image file or drag-and-drop it into the image box. Note that images must be black and white and not too complex. Read more about images HERE.

Online Designer FAQ's

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Online Designer FAQ's