Circuit boards

Are these “real” circuit boards?

Yes! Our circuit boards are made in the same facilities that manufacture electronics products for tech industries such as computers, phones, gaming consoles, toys, and even commercial aircraft (IPC Class 2-A600 conformance).

Can you design a circuit board in a different size or shape?

Unfortunately, no. It takes many hours to create a design so it would be cost prohibitive to make a new size or shape for a single plaque or sign.

I have an idea for a new circuit board design. Would you like to hear about it?

Absolutely! We are always open to new ideas. Please EMAIL us and share your thoughts!

Can circuit boards be displayed outdoors?

No. They are for indoor use only.

Can I order an accessory separately?

No. When you choose your item, you have the choice of adding accessories to your order. If you do not add them at that time, we cannot ship them separately to you later.

Wood bases

What are the bases made out of?

The bases are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) wood with a wood finish foil. They are premium quality and have built-in mounting slots in the back for easy wall mounting.

I want to order an 8x10 plaque. Is that the size of the wood base or the circuit board?

That is the size of the wood base. Circuit boards will be one inch narrower (height and width) than the wood base. For example, an 8×10 plaque will have an 8×10 wood base and a 7×9 circuit board. The only exception is a nameplate- it will be exactly 2×8 to fit standard 2×8 nameplate holders.

Is wall mounting hardware included?

Yes! A FREE pack including a drywall anchor, mounting screw and simple instructions come with every wall mount style order.

Can I order a plaque or sign without a wood base?

Sure! Just choose the “None” option when choosing the base type. We will knock $10 off your order.


What types of images can I use?

Please see our IMAGE FAQ’s to see what types of images can be used.

I want to add my own image. Do I also need to send it to you?

Yes! Please EMAIL the original file to us. We will need to convert it for use by our software.

I can't find the right image for my design. Are there any more choices?

Absolutely! Go to https://publicdomainvectors.org and do a search. There are hundreds of images you can download for free. Just make sure they are black & white with a transparent background (PNG).

Can I change my image color from black to the same color as the text?

Yes! Just select the image, click on the paint can in the upper right-hand corner, and choose the “Tin plating” color. But don’t worry, even if it is left black, it will still get produced correctly.

online designer

What if my design isn't aligned perfectly?

No worries! We just need a representation of what you want. We will reproduce your design by hand so that it can be recognized by our software so don’t worry if something is a little “off”, we will make it perfect for you!

How do I save my design?

Click “Save to MyDesigns” at the top and click on the “+” square. Done! You can also rename them by clicking on the name under each design.

Can I change orientation after I've started designing?

Yes BUT you will need to click “Save to MyDesigns” at the top of the page before you leave or all of your work will be lost. Once you change the orientation in the store, go into the Designs menu and select the design you saved.

Do I have to use a pre-made template or can I start designing from scratch?

Yes, you can start from scratch. Just choose the appropriate “Blank” template and delete the word “Blank”. Now you have a blank canvas to work with!

Can I add text or images outside the center rectangle?

Sorry, all content needs to stay within the center rectangular area.

Can you use a different font that isn't listed?

Yes! Send us an EMAIL and let us know which font you would like to use and we will add it. You can choose from any of the 1,029 Google fonts listed HERE. If you have a custom font, please EMAIL it to us. We can usually accommodate most custom fonts.

Can I get a proof of my design before you make it?

Yes, just EMAIL us and let us know you would like a proof. However, please understand this may extend the delivery date by an additional business day.


What shipping method do you use?

All orders are shipped 2-3 day US Priority mail… always for FREE!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order should arrive in 10-12 business days. This may sound like a long time, however, this includes re-creating your design in our software, manufacturing and shipping to us, mounting and packaging, and shipping it to the recipient. Possible shipping delays are out of our control so we ask that you place your order as early as possible.

Can you ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the US including PO boxes and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Do you ship outside the US?

We’re sorry, we are only shipping within the US at this time.

How will my order be packaged?

We take great pride in making sure your item is protected well. Each item is bubble wrapped and surrounded with packing peanuts. It is guaranteed to arrive safe and sound!


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