A sign can display any favorite quote, saying, poem, verse, or message.

Here are some famous tech


A plaque is given as an award for appreciation, achievement, excellence, etc.

Here are some award IDEAS and plaque EXAMPLES.


A nameplate is displayed on a desk or office door. It can include a person’s name, title, or company logo. Optional nameplate holders are available.

Here are some nameplate EXAMPLES.


Circuit boards will be approximately one inch narrower (height and width) than the wood base. For example, an 8×10 plaque will have an 8×10 wood base and a 7×9 circuit board. The only exception is a nameplate- it will be exactly 2×8 to fit standard nameplate holders.

2 x 8 (Nameplate)

5 x 7

6 x 8

7 x 9

8 x 10



Best for long names or horizontal images.


Best for short names or vertical images.


Bases are made of premium quality 5/8” thick MDF wood and are available in your choice of four finishes.


Rich, dark red cherry finish with subtle wood grain.


Medium oak finish with noticeable wood grain.

Black Oak

Dark, black oak finish with subtle wood grain.

Black Glossy

Smooth, high gloss black finish with no wood grain.

Silver aluminum spacers are used under the circuit board to add an element of depth and create a unique “3D” effect.

All bases include wall mounting slots that enable plaques and signs to be displayed horizontally or vertically.

A wall mounting kit is included with each plaque or sign. It includes a drywall anchor, screw, and instructions.

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